Welcome, all! We should all take a moment to understand that the supply of basic staples converts into the food we consume, the manufactured goods we use, and the energy that fuels our transport and heats and lights our lives is all about -commodities trading. Historically it is one of the oldest forms of economic activity, however, it is mostly misunderstood.

This has been the truth for the past 15 to 20 years, with the growth of a group of special commodities trading along with logistics firms operating in a wide range of highly complex market mechanisms, from metals and minerals to energy products.

Drawing on the expertise and experience of First Commodities, one of the leading trading firms registered with the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange, we hope to educate you on the operating principles and techniques that are prevalent in the sector overall. We hope that you find these sessions informative, and they help to illuminate how critical the commodity trading industry is and why it deserves to be better understood.

Naved N. Shaikh
First Commodities Pvt. Ltd.