About Us!

Our History

First Commodities Pvt Ltd (‘The Company’) is in the commodity trading business. The Company provides access to the Future Commodity market for individual and institutional investors with various degrees of risk appetite and sophistication.

First Commodities Pvt Ltd was founded in 2004 and registered in SECP, FBR and PMEX.  The Company caters to its clients in Pakistan and worldwide by offering higher leverage on terms.

First Commodities Pvt Ltd offers PMEX maintained prices for the exclusive use of its clients in 40+ futures trading pairs and MT-5 trading platform for better and smoother trading.

First Commodities Pvt Ltd offers access to the online future contract market for retail and institutional traders. First Commodities Pvt Ltd strives to provide a very high quality of service through:

  • Highly competitive pricing (commissions) on a wide variety of trading pairs,
  • The ability to trade precious metals like futures gold and silver physical
  • Fair trade issues resolution, and
  • Dedication to continuous customer

These advantages allow First Commodities Pvt Ltd sales team to easily convert a higher number of leads into accounts and increase both the overall customer satisfaction and the average account life

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Our wide range of essential commodity brokerage services include strategic counseling, portfolio planning and management, commodity trading training/management services.


Operating since 2004, First Commodities today, serves and maintains strong relationships with several industry-leading multi-national giants and progressive business brokerage houses.


Firmly positioned as an independent commodity trading leader, First Commodities is service-driven, both in individual and institutional client services with a promise to protect the interests of our clients in an increasingly connected and challenging environment.